Thursday, October 05, 2006

Amazing Grace

Over the past several days I have been shocked and saddened as well as amazed and awed by what has been happening in the news. The most troubling to me was the shootings in the Amish country in Pennsylvania. It made me so sad to hear of what had happened. Any time children are harmed by people, my heart aches. I think of how I would feel if someone hurt my boys or if someone had hurt "my kids" when I was teaching.

The Amish are a unique people. They pride themselves as being in the world but not of the world. They seek to live their lives in peace with those around them. They are known for not fighting...but rather for turning the other cheek when it comes to conflict.

This senseless act of violence was especially sad because there were mostly young children and young adults in the schoolhouse.

But through this terrible tragedy there has come a wonderful example of grace. Those who had been effected by this horrible event the most have begun the process of healing and forgiveness. They have forgiven the man who took loved ones from them. And through this have become an example to us all.

I don't know if I could be that grace filled this early in the grieving process. I would hope to show God's presence, God's grace and God's love, but if someone hurt my boys I think that grace would not be the first thing in my mind. Through this awful incident we have the opportunity to see God's presence and God's grace.