Monday, September 08, 2008

This Season Won't Be the Same

As a Michigan and Patriots fan, I must say this year might very well turn out to be a disappointment. I will miss seeing Tom Brady, one of my favorite player on the gridiron this fall due to his knee injury.

College football is off to a rough start too as Michigan lost their season opener to Utah. This past weekend was a win but was hoping for larger margin of victory.

Could the Polar Bears of Ohio Northern pull off a good season? Time will tell.

As the season goes on, if you see me dressed in black, you'll understand why.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Batting Down the Hatches

It looks as though this hurricane season is going to be one that will make history. As we collected money to help the rebuilding efforts of the churches that were devastated by Katrina, as we prayed for family members who were hoping to flee from Gustav's wrath but were having trouble finding gas for their car, and as we hoped that the storm would weaken or change course, it marched on. Now the weather officials and others are keeping their eye on Hanna and Ike, other storms that could reek havoc on our coasts.

Let us remember all those who are trying to gather their most prized possessions and leave their homes to find safety. May they travel safely.