Sunday, June 08, 2008

Annual Conference

Well, this year's Annual Conference went off with very few glitches. Our nominations report was kinda an interesting folly of errors...each quadrennium the conference committees turn over and it's our job to fill them again. As chair, this is a monumental task. Luckily, our Conference Secretary is my right hand woman. This year, because everyone was listed in the data bank, she got the report ready...but interesting things happened. For instance, men were listed as women and vice versa...the document had the wrong number, we missed putting some of the reports that we had within our report...then there were some we just didn't have at all. That's what we get for examining and reexamining it over and over...especially at midnight or later.

Other than that things were pretty really controversial resolutions, unless you count the ones about plastic bottles and CFLs. Couldn't believe those got some discussion but when they presented the proposal for a 35% increase in insurance. Crickets.

What's going on?!