Monday, January 23, 2006

Polar Bears are Here!!

This weekend was a good weekend in Polar Bear Football. Wes Hostetler made a great impression in the Hula Bowl on Saturday on ESPN. Wes is on special teams and plays at corner back...he ran a kickoff for 23 yards among other great plays he had throughout the game. Way to go Wes!! For more information on this Polar Bear go to Wes Hostetler at Hula Bowl, Jan. 21 . This also comes on the heels of Wes being named MVP at the Aztec Bowl in was his great showing there that got him the invite to play in the Hula Bowl. Way to go Wes!!

The weekend wasn't over for televised Polar Bears in football. During the semi-final game of the Carolina Panthers vs. the Seattle Seahawks a former Polar Bear got to step into the spotlight a little. Jamal Robertson got to play as running back last night after the guy who played the position before him kinda got knocked out. Jamal got to run a few times and made a great showing in this championship game.

The commentators of both games gave both Wes and Jamal great accolades for their athletic ability. Way to go guys!! With your help ONU will be further on the map!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Birthday at BBPW

Jake had a wonderful time at his birthday party at Billy Bob's Pizza Wonderland (BBPW) on Saturday. There were about 10 kids there and all had fun eating pizza and cake and playing in the ball pit. Jake loved his Spiderman and friends cake complete with Spidy, Wolverine and the Hulk. He is just getting ready to make his wish and blow out his candles.

Happy Birthday Jake!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

A Day Late and a Dollar Short, but any way

Happy Birthday Jake!! You have to be the cutest, smartest most wonderful 5 year old in the world. Of course, I'm a little biased.

I hope your birthday was wonderful. I can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend. I love you! - Mommy

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

How Did This Happen?!

Last night when I went to sleep the fate of the miners was uncertain. The rescue crew had found one man but were looking for the others. I hadn't been asleep for long when my husband, Jim woke me up and told me the "good" news that the others were found and they were alive. My heart was filled with joy as the news of the successful rescue hit my ears.

When I woke up this morning, however, I learned that what we had been told, what the families of the miners had been told, was all a miscommunication. My heart broke and my eyes filled with tears as we heard the horrible news this morning.

I can't even begin to imagine how much that hurt those people who had gathered in the church thinking they were soon going to see their loved ones alive and well. In some ways that little glimmer of hope that became dashed was worse than the initial words of the tragedy itself.

Please, be in prayer for these families and friends who I imagine are feeling a gamut of emotions from anger to sorrow to fear to despair. May they feel the presence of God in the midst of their pain.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Come on Be More Compassionate

We were out of town when the news came that 13 miners were trapped beneath the surface just outside of Buckhannon, WV. We watched the news in horror as we learned about this tragedy that struck yesterday morning.

This morning I was further disgusted as I watched CNN and saw the woman searching for something to say as she droned on and on this morning. She constantly talked about how bleak the situation was and how hope was slim. She did all this with a half-smirk on her face. It was disgusting. Then she asked the person on site what the reaction of the family and friends of the miners was...I yelled at the TV, "What do you think their reaction is?! Have you ever cared about someone and they were sick or something?! Be more compassionate. Come on!"

Then there was the reporter who asked the mining CEO if he would use plain English to explain what happened to the miners. I was like what do you mean plain English I understood him fine and I grew up in Northwest Ohio where there aren't any mines. Maybe if you'd listen you'd understand.

I know this happens all the time, news sources are trying to be the first to break the story and the first to have the inside scoop. But, there comes a time when society needs to say, "you know what you all, you need to just lay off and show that you have feelings and that you care."

We just found out that a body of one of the miners was found a little while ago with their equipment. The others weren't in that area. The search and the media frenzy goes on.

Please be in prayer for these men and their families that this tragedy will have some type of happy ending. God can and does work miracles...this is just God's type of situation.