Monday, January 23, 2006

Polar Bears are Here!!

This weekend was a good weekend in Polar Bear Football. Wes Hostetler made a great impression in the Hula Bowl on Saturday on ESPN. Wes is on special teams and plays at corner back...he ran a kickoff for 23 yards among other great plays he had throughout the game. Way to go Wes!! For more information on this Polar Bear go to Wes Hostetler at Hula Bowl, Jan. 21 . This also comes on the heels of Wes being named MVP at the Aztec Bowl in was his great showing there that got him the invite to play in the Hula Bowl. Way to go Wes!!

The weekend wasn't over for televised Polar Bears in football. During the semi-final game of the Carolina Panthers vs. the Seattle Seahawks a former Polar Bear got to step into the spotlight a little. Jamal Robertson got to play as running back last night after the guy who played the position before him kinda got knocked out. Jamal got to run a few times and made a great showing in this championship game.

The commentators of both games gave both Wes and Jamal great accolades for their athletic ability. Way to go guys!! With your help ONU will be further on the map!!