Saturday, March 25, 2006

Great End to a Rough Week

This week started out a little melancholy, but ended up rather well. On Wednesday, Jake went to be screened for Kindergarten. He had to have his hearing, sight and speech checked. And he did wonderfully. Everything checked out to be really good. I think now, other than orientation (if they have that) and buying school supplies, we are all ready for him to start kindergarten. I think Jake is really excited about school. 'Course the experiences he has with his new school are the school carnival (cool...they must play games for candy and prizes all the time) and the registration (they let you put puzzles together and eat cookies). I don't know what he'll think when things are just a little different.

Friday was a WONDERFUL day too. We had another doctor's appointment to check and see how the little one is doing. And this time, Jake got to come along. The doctor was GREAT...this was the first time we had met her...and I have decided that she is the one that I want to deliver this little one. Jim said she was the closest to the doctor that delivered our other bundle of joy five years ago. That doctor had left because of the high cost of medical insurance. She was great. I think this "new" doctor will be like her...she took a lot of time with us...recalled when she had been to the church and remembered me coming over and talking to her the first time she visited. It's not that I don't like the other doctors in the practice, but they're men and I like a woman who has gone through some of the same stuff that I have.

Anyhoo...after meeting her for the first (well, I guess second time) we talked about some of my fears and had everything checked out. Last time I tested positive for protein so I was very nervous. But this time all was good. I've been having problems with an allergy attack which turned into a cold so she told me what all I could take (I'd been just drinking a lot of water and that's about it). Then she got out the doppler and we got to hear the heartbeat. She was really good with Jake and asked him to come closer if he wanted. Everything sounded so good. Next she measured me and I am right where I ought to be at this time.

All of my anxiety went out the window with her great bedside manner. Next time, in three weeks, we're to have our ultrasound to see what this little one is. Jake has said for the longest time he thinks it's a girl, but Friday he said it was a boy. We'll see in April.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during this past week...they mean a lot!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

First Day of Spring Comes with Mixed Feelings

Tomorrow's the first day of Spring. Usually I am excited about this because of the colors of the flowers and the approaching of Summer. It's also my elementary school friend Jill's birthday. But this year the first day of Spring comes with some sadness. Maybe it wouldn't stand out so much if it wasn't Jill's birthday I don't know. But tomorrow was to be the due date of the baby we lost in August.

I am excited because in the midst of loss, God has provided new life. (Kinda like an Easter story, huh?) When we went through the valley one of our doctors reminded us that through everything God wants the best for us. She told us her experience and that she would not have her daughter if she'd have carried her baby to term. At the time those seemed to be empty words because they were said on top of my broken heart.

But now I am beginning to understand what she meant. It's hard sometimes to be brave in the midst of everything and act like all is good...everything is fine. But God doesn't ask us to be brave 24/7...God asks that we keep the faith. God deeply loves us and wants the best for us.

I remember when I was in the midst of grief and heartache...I let God know that I didn't think that what was going on was fair and I didn't really know what I was supposed to do with this. I heard these words, "I know what it's like to lose a child...I watched my son as he gave up his life." Perhaps it is a resurrection lesson that can be learned here. I still struggle with the whole ordeal, but each day gets a little easier. Through hope and faith each day I know that things will get better.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Second Round Picks

OK...I was 19 out of 32 for my picks in the first round...which amounts to abou 59%. So here are my picks for the next round.

Duke vs. G. Washington - Duke
Texas A&M vs. LSU - LSU
WVU vs. Northwestern State - WVU
NC State vs. Texas - NC State
Memphis vs. Bucknell - Memphis
Pitt vs. Bradley - Bradley
Indiana vs. Gonzaga - Indiana
Alabama vs. UCLA - UCLA
UConn vs. Kentucky - UConn
Washington vs. Illinois - Illinois
G. Mason vs. UNC - UNC
Wich. vs. Tennessee - Tennessee
Villanova vs. AZ - Villanova
Montana vs. B.C. - B.C.
UW Mill. vs. Florida - UW Mill.
Georgetown vs. OSU - OSU

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mad, Mad I Tell You

Well, March Madness has officially started. I sometimes miss my teaching days when March Madness was a bigger than life event...everyone, the faculty, staff and students would have their grids keeping them up to date and talking about the big upsets that happen along the way.

OK, so here are my picks for the first round...some are a little unorthodox, but for a few I have it goes...

Duke vs. Southern U. - Duke
G.Washington vs. NC Wilmington - NC
Syracuse vs. Texas A&M - Syracuse
LSU vs. Iona - LSU
WVU vs. Southern ILL. - WVU ---Go Mountaineers!!
Iowa vs. N'western St. - Iowa
California vs. NC State - NC State (time difference goes against CA)
Texas vs. Penn - Texas
Memphis vs. Oral Roberts - Memphis
Arkansas vs. Bucknell - Arkansas
Pittsburgh vs. Kent State - Kent State (don't like Pittsburgh)
Kansas vs. Bradley - Kansas
Indiana vs. San Deigo State - GO HOOSIERS!!
Gonzaga vs. Xavier - Gonzaga even though I really like Xavier too...our high school coach when there
Marquette vs. Alabama - Marquette
UCLA vs. Belmont - UCLA
UConn vs. Albany - UConn
Kentucky vs. UAB - UAB - I don't like Kentucky
Washington vs. Utah State - Washington
Illinois vs Air Force - Ill.
Michigan State vs. George Mason - Michigan State - that's for my friend Steve
North Carolina vs. Murray St. - UNC
Wichita St. vs. Seton Hall - Seaton Hall - they looked pretty good
Tennessee vs. Winthrop - Tennessee - one of my favorite states
Villanova vs. Monmouth - Villanova
Arizona vs. Wisconsin - Wisconsin
Nevada vs. Montana - Nevada
Boston College vs. Pacific - B.C
Oklahoma vs. Wisconsin Milwaukee - Wisconsin
Florida vs. South Alabama - Florida
Georgetown vs. Northern Iowa - Georgetown - always liked them
OSU vs. Davidson - as much as I hate to do this - OSU

I'm just very sad my Michigan Wolverines didn't get into this tournament...better luck next year guys.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Thank You for Sharing Your Faith

When I first started at the church I began to attend the Tuesday morning prayer group. It was then that I first met Art, the leader of the group. He would teach a Bible study and then lead the group in prayer. He had such a quiet, holy way about him...something that I've only seen a few times in my life.

Art really reminded me of another saint in my life named Dale. Dale was my high school Sunday school teacher. He knew the Bible better than anyone I have ever met. He was such a kind and gentle soul.

Both of these men displayed God's love and God's presence throughout their lives. They showed me what it means to have a close relationship with our creator. And I thank God that I got to know them.

When I was in seminary, one of my favorite professors, Sister AnnMarie talked about those people that you meet who just have God oozing out their pores. They are so steeped in Scripture, prayer and a deep relationship with God, you can see God all around them. Dale and Art are two such men.

Both have gone on to be with God, Dale a few years ago and Art this past week. They are missed but the legacy of their faith will continue for years to come through those they touched along life's path. And we have been blessed to know them.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cat's Out of the Bag

Today during our 11 o'clock worship service, Jim and Jake shared the joy that Jake is going to be a big brother. This has been a wonderful secret we've kept pretty quiet since before Christmas (we found out December 23rd). We wanted to share earlier but I was scared especially after what happened in August.

We told Jake after we had our first ultrasound and heard and saw the baby and his/her heartbeat. The technician took extra time with us to point out everything and how everything seemed to be just fine this time.

We've passed the first trimester hump and now are entering into our 17th week. About 3 weeks or so ago we had our last doctor's appointment and I asked to hear the heartbeat again just for my state of mind. The doctor told us that the baby was in the in between stage and she wasn't sure if she could find it or pick it up, but as long as I didn't freak out she'd try. She tried and on the first try found it right away. Tears filled my eyes as I heard that beautiful sound.

"It's ok to cry that's a wonderful sound." the doctor told me.

Jake is so excited...I'm hoping that all will progress well until late August when we get to meet this little one.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Last week we took Jake to register for Kindergarten. It was a time where he got to see the school, meet some of the faculty and staff and see what may be his room for next year. He enjoyed putting puzzles together while we filled out the paperwork for his registration.

He's really looking forward to going to school next year. I'm not sure what he's expecting...the two times we've been to the school have been for the school carnival last spring and for the registration. Both events involved food...cookies last week and candy galore at the carnival. I think he thinks that each day will be filled with games, candy and cookies.