Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mad, Mad I Tell You

Well, March Madness has officially started. I sometimes miss my teaching days when March Madness was a bigger than life event...everyone, the faculty, staff and students would have their grids keeping them up to date and talking about the big upsets that happen along the way.

OK, so here are my picks for the first round...some are a little unorthodox, but for a few I have it goes...

Duke vs. Southern U. - Duke
G.Washington vs. NC Wilmington - NC
Syracuse vs. Texas A&M - Syracuse
LSU vs. Iona - LSU
WVU vs. Southern ILL. - WVU ---Go Mountaineers!!
Iowa vs. N'western St. - Iowa
California vs. NC State - NC State (time difference goes against CA)
Texas vs. Penn - Texas
Memphis vs. Oral Roberts - Memphis
Arkansas vs. Bucknell - Arkansas
Pittsburgh vs. Kent State - Kent State (don't like Pittsburgh)
Kansas vs. Bradley - Kansas
Indiana vs. San Deigo State - GO HOOSIERS!!
Gonzaga vs. Xavier - Gonzaga even though I really like Xavier too...our high school coach when there
Marquette vs. Alabama - Marquette
UCLA vs. Belmont - UCLA
UConn vs. Albany - UConn
Kentucky vs. UAB - UAB - I don't like Kentucky
Washington vs. Utah State - Washington
Illinois vs Air Force - Ill.
Michigan State vs. George Mason - Michigan State - that's for my friend Steve
North Carolina vs. Murray St. - UNC
Wichita St. vs. Seton Hall - Seaton Hall - they looked pretty good
Tennessee vs. Winthrop - Tennessee - one of my favorite states
Villanova vs. Monmouth - Villanova
Arizona vs. Wisconsin - Wisconsin
Nevada vs. Montana - Nevada
Boston College vs. Pacific - B.C
Oklahoma vs. Wisconsin Milwaukee - Wisconsin
Florida vs. South Alabama - Florida
Georgetown vs. Northern Iowa - Georgetown - always liked them
OSU vs. Davidson - as much as I hate to do this - OSU

I'm just very sad my Michigan Wolverines didn't get into this tournament...better luck next year guys.