Monday, January 28, 2008

Today was a Hard Day...Tomorrow Will be Harder

Today was tough as we are preparing for a very difficult funeral. I helped fold the bulletins which have a very nice picture of our friend on the front...very hard. Tomorrow is the day I've been dreading since I got the call on Thursday. We will have to really say goodbye. That's tough. Tomorrow is to be a celebration...I'm happy that Jim is with Jesus. I know he's reunited with those he loves...I know that he is whole. But, I miss him.

I miss the jingle of his keys. I miss the way that he would jump when you'd walk in the room...even if he knew you were there. I miss his voice laughing...telling tales...just in conversation. I miss the way he was always around.

Tomorrow is going to be rough...I'm saying some remarks. I just sat today staring at the screen thinking what can I say? How can I say it? I have to write it down or I'll never get through.

I went to exercise thinking the workout would relax me...release some stress.

Tomorrow we will share support one cry on each other's shoulders. Tomorrow we will say goodbye to a friend and at the same time celebrate a life that has touched ours. Today was hard, but tomorrow will be harder.

Friday, January 25, 2008

A True Servant Has Gone Home

Today was a more difficult day than most others. A true friend, example, servant has gone on to be with God. My soul is conflicted as I mourn this great man who touched my life and the lives of others in so many different ways. I'm sad...mostly for those of us who are left behind...but I also rejoice because I know today he got to meet Jesus face to face.

He always gave of himself...thinking of everyone first before he ever thought of himself. His faith was strong, unwavering. He was always there to lend a hand whether it was helping out in the kitchen...preparing refreshments for groups gathering...doing the laundry that could have waited just a little longer.

He was known all around town. His heart was a heart of gold. His voice was so very kind and gentle and he would more than willingly share his voice singing his favorite songs.

He had the heart of a Saint and was Grandpa Jim to my boys. He was missed tonight for our Thursday night service and the coffee pot just didn't work quite right to make the drinks. Tears were shed freely as we sought to be about doing what needed to be done for dinner tonight...prayer was difficult, the words stuck in the throat as we were seeking to find the right words. He was definitely missed.

But at the same time there is joy...he is home. But now he is able to rest. Now he has been made whole. Jim has been welcomed home and I have little doubt that he is busy getting rooms and refreshments ready for those who will follow.

We will miss you, Jim. You touched more lives than you'll ever know. And all of us have been blessed to have known you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Like the Wicked Witch

Water is going to ruin me. Yesterday was less than perfect as at about 3:30 we noticed something wrong with the water at the office...I was the first to find this out but I'll spare you the details of how I made this little discovery. Thinking it was a busted pipe somewhere in the church, we went off in search of the leak. I imagined water running down a hallway or wall. We searched but didn't find anything. One interesting discovery we made was that as we descended to check the water on each floor, the water pressure got more and more.

Finally I suggested that maybe there was a water main break somewhere. I was correct. A couple of blocks away there was a gusher. The whole town was without much water pressure...but then things began to change a little. We're now under a boil water advisory.

School was canceled today for both my boys so we stayed around...I worked on work stuff while our little one ran around wildly and our oldest played video games. Recently we have pulled out a rather old game that I got stuck on a year or so ago. We couldn't find the memory card so we worked up to the exact same place. And guess what? We're stuck again.

The ironic thing is that the game is Kingdom Hearts's a Disney game...kinda fun you get to go to different Disney "worlds" like Ariel's world, Pooh, Haloweentown, etc. But the part where we're stuck is where this bad guy says, "Dance, water, dance." and proceeds to throw water at you among other things. We played this a while today and into the evening...and this guy is still beating us. It's frustrating to say the least.

Today there was yet another water main the advisory continues through noon tomorrow it looks like our oldest will try to defeat the water again since he's out of school. Ironic, huh? The water is winning.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Birthday My Oldest

Wow...has the time flown. It seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital with our young one. We were so excited for him to come and join us...we couldn't wait.

I remember going to the doctor on our due date and we were admitted into the hospital because our vital signs were above normal...but once we were in the hospital, everything calmed down and we were sent home. Three days later we went in for a C-section and our new little one was born.

The years have passed and our little guy has grown into quite a boy. He's active in scouts and has a passel of friends around him. He's a great kid and a WONDERFUL big brother. It's amazing how time has flown quickly by. Here is our big boy...

Happy Birthday!!! We love you!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tomorrow's the Day!!

Since I first heard about it I have been excited about it being on. I remember watching it with my grandma when she was in the nursing home after her hip replacement. When I told people I watched it with grandma, they'd just laugh and say, "She must be pretty cool." It was cool.

We'd pick our favorite and then root for them to beat the Gladiators and get to the finish. Every once in a while I'll catch reruns of the old 80's show on ESPN Classics or something, but now I guess because of the writers strike, we get to watch new shows on primetime TV.

I know it probably is weird but each time I see the commercials for it I get a little weepy...I think about grandma and I just really miss her. It's been about 14 years since she passed away but this crazy show makes her feel just a little closer.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

What GREAT Football

Congratulations to the Mountaineers on their victory over Oklahoma!!! WAY TO GO GUYS!!!

Thank you for finally quieting the Oklahoma band...I was growing tired of that fight song.

Also congratulations to the Wolverines who won a last bowl game for Coach Carr.

Awesome football!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Let's Go Blue!!

The Capital One Bowl is ready to begin. I hope that the Wolverines can pull out a win for Lloyd on his last day as coach for the Big Blue. I'm so tired of Tebow...hopefully we can make it so he's not an issue.

Let's Go Blue!!! Let's beat those Gators!!!