Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Like the Wicked Witch

Water is going to ruin me. Yesterday was less than perfect as at about 3:30 we noticed something wrong with the water at the office...I was the first to find this out but I'll spare you the details of how I made this little discovery. Thinking it was a busted pipe somewhere in the church, we went off in search of the leak. I imagined water running down a hallway or wall. We searched but didn't find anything. One interesting discovery we made was that as we descended to check the water on each floor, the water pressure got more and more.

Finally I suggested that maybe there was a water main break somewhere. I was correct. A couple of blocks away there was a gusher. The whole town was without much water pressure...but then things began to change a little. We're now under a boil water advisory.

School was canceled today for both my boys so we stayed around...I worked on work stuff while our little one ran around wildly and our oldest played video games. Recently we have pulled out a rather old game that I got stuck on a year or so ago. We couldn't find the memory card so we worked up to the exact same place. And guess what? We're stuck again.

The ironic thing is that the game is Kingdom Hearts's a Disney game...kinda fun you get to go to different Disney "worlds" like Ariel's world, Pooh, Haloweentown, etc. But the part where we're stuck is where this bad guy says, "Dance, water, dance." and proceeds to throw water at you among other things. We played this a while today and into the evening...and this guy is still beating us. It's frustrating to say the least.

Today there was yet another water main the advisory continues through noon tomorrow it looks like our oldest will try to defeat the water again since he's out of school. Ironic, huh? The water is winning.