Friday, January 25, 2008

A True Servant Has Gone Home

Today was a more difficult day than most others. A true friend, example, servant has gone on to be with God. My soul is conflicted as I mourn this great man who touched my life and the lives of others in so many different ways. I'm sad...mostly for those of us who are left behind...but I also rejoice because I know today he got to meet Jesus face to face.

He always gave of himself...thinking of everyone first before he ever thought of himself. His faith was strong, unwavering. He was always there to lend a hand whether it was helping out in the kitchen...preparing refreshments for groups gathering...doing the laundry that could have waited just a little longer.

He was known all around town. His heart was a heart of gold. His voice was so very kind and gentle and he would more than willingly share his voice singing his favorite songs.

He had the heart of a Saint and was Grandpa Jim to my boys. He was missed tonight for our Thursday night service and the coffee pot just didn't work quite right to make the drinks. Tears were shed freely as we sought to be about doing what needed to be done for dinner tonight...prayer was difficult, the words stuck in the throat as we were seeking to find the right words. He was definitely missed.

But at the same time there is joy...he is home. But now he is able to rest. Now he has been made whole. Jim has been welcomed home and I have little doubt that he is busy getting rooms and refreshments ready for those who will follow.

We will miss you, Jim. You touched more lives than you'll ever know. And all of us have been blessed to have known you.