Friday, January 30, 2009

Look Mommy, It's Snowing!!!

We got some more snow again was very pretty as it fell in big flakes. The boys ran to the window to watch it come down. I love the snow but also like it when I can get more out and about.

Our Kitten

She's growing quickly...but here's our Allie cat! Doesn't she look innocent?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Tolls of Snow Days

Another snow's beginning to be a little "too much togetherness". Even the cats are fighting : ~ ) 'Course they don't need a snow day to do that.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today was an official snow day. We had a few inches of snow so we went outside to play in the snow. The boys seemed to enjoy themselves even though rain was beginning to fall on us. We tromped around, made snowballs, and made this little snowman. I think they had fun even though it wasn't long before our youngest said, "Go in Mommy?" And so we did. Maybe we'll go out again tomorrow since there's no school.

Look at Those Pearly Whites

Yesterday, our oldest went to the dentist. He got a "clean bill of teeth". I'm excited that he likes the dentist far better that I ever will.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

These Shoes Are Made for Walkin'

I got new walking shoes old ones have holes in them. I'm hoping that this will encourage me to get back to the Y walking again. We can hope.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Last Chance Harvey

Saw Last Chance Harvey with a friend tonight. It was a good movie, a little sad in places, but good.

Potty Training?

If only she would actually use this potty. But she does really well with her litter pan so I can't complain too much.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mommy, I've Got a Boo Boo

Today our youngest had to get some blood drawn for a follow up allergy test. He did really well...he cried but was very brave. And after he was done, the nurse gave him some Scooby Doo stickers. Here he "shows off" his boo boo.

My Temptation

Many times, as I am watching Biggest Loser, I get the urge to eat...don't know exactly why and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. These are just one of my tempations.

Not doing real great on my quest to losing weight...but I'll get there.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day that Will Not Be Forgotten

Today was a day that will go down in the history books. Our first African American President was sworn in. The atmosphere reminded me of New Years Eve in New York City and the parades, parties and balls reminded me of New Years too. It is a new beginning, a new era, the time of change has come. May our leaders, our country and each of us be blessed in these years to come.

Jim found this cool action figure during the campaign. I thought it fitting for today.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Long Lost Jonas Brother?

While watching the Disney Kids Inaugural special: We are the Future, Jim begins to rock out. Could it be that Jim is the long lost Jonas brother? You decide.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Power Source

Had to replace my power source today...hoping it works for a good, long time.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hear No Evil

Our youngest plugs his ears while his brother's ukulele is being tuned.

Lazy Day

Today was so cold there was not much you wanted to do. Our oldest cat, Stimpy, had a great idea today...snoozing.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Playing with Dubbies

Our youngest loves to play with his wrestlers (his dubbies)...especially with his big brother.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wanting, Waiting for Snow

Our oldest is wishing and wanting snow tomorrow...actually for the rest of the week so school is at least delayed and hopefully canceled. Tonight, he decided to help the process along by "making it snow" silly string outside. Since it's still not doing anything, at least it wasn't last I checked I'm thinking school will not only be on tomorrow but it may just be on time.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Words to Live By

I found these words on a book in a local bookstore...I had to take a picture of it so I'd remember it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

It's hard to believe that 8 years ago I was in the hospital holding my new little boy. We'd gone in at like 6 o'clock in the morning for a scheduled c-section that was supposed to be at 9 am. But because someone else was having complications and they needed the room, we didn't go into the OR until 11. And my little guy was born about 40 minutes later.

Because he'd had a little bit of trouble breathing, they wisked him off to the nursery to be sure he was ok. I hadn't had a chance to see him and I wasn't sure if he was alright or not. Finally when I got back into my room, Jim brought him into me and said, "Let me introduce you to your son." It was wonderful. A little while later, our oldest looked at me and said his first word (and I'm not making this up at all) he said "Mom".

It's hard to believe that was 8 years ago. Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday he was learning to walk and talk...and now he's half way to his 16th birthday and driving. I've enjoyed watching him become the boy he is today, but sometimes, just sometimes I miss that little little boy who came into my life 8 short years ago.

Happy birthday, my "little man". I love you!!

The top pic is from 8 years ago...back in February 2001, the bottom is my pic of the day.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Night Before His Big Day

Our oldest the day before his 8th birthday.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Today our oldest had his 8th birthday party at our local YMCA. We swam and had a lot of fun. His cake was Surf's Up. I can't believe he's about to be eight years old. Where did the time go?

Castle at Home

One of our youngest's favorite playsets. I wouldn't mind living in something like this too...or at least having one in our back yard.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Bath Time

I took this while giving our youngest his bath tonight.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Holy New Shirt, Batman!

Our youngest also received a package from Grandma at the Beach. Here he rides his Batmobile as he dons the Batman shirt and cape from his Batman PJs. He LOVES his new outfit too. Thanks, Grandma!!

Cool Guy

Here's our oldest in an outfit that arrived from Grandma at the Beach. Thanks Grandma!!! He LOVES it!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Allie Sleeping

Today's pic is of our new, well not so new anymore, kitten/cat...Allie.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hi Mommy

Our youngest was watching as I was out in our front yard. I thought what a good opportunity for my picture for today.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

He LOVES His Cookies

Our youngest loves's proof.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Getting Fit

One of the resolutions we have made in our house is to be healthier and more fit in 2009. We'll see how it goes. The guys like the Iron Gym we have. Our oldest enjoyed doing pull ups tonight.

Project 365 - Restart

Since starting my attempt on my birthday this past November, I have fallen behind. So, in the interest of truly trying to do this right, I have decided to begin again....'course the pictures I took yesterday have yet to be uploaded. So, here's one of my favs from yesterday.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

As we welcome in 2009, we want to take a moment to wish a very Happy New year to all of our family and friends. We hope that this year is one of the best we all have ever had.

Happy New Year!