Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Big Day

Today, the Bishop preaching at our church during morning worship. He talked about following Jesus and then offered a blessing for our new addition that is getting closer to completion. It was a joy to have him join us for worship. During the children's time today, the woman leading it gave the children bubbles. My boys enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and day blowing bubbles on our front porch after church.

Big Day in Our House

Yesterday was a big day in our house. Our youngest began sleeping in his big boy bed and our oldest was taught how to mow by his dad. They're really growing up now, which causes me to have mixed feelings right now. They're no longer my babies.

More Catching Up...

Monday our first butterfly came out of its cocoon.

Tuesday I took more we have two

Wednesday, on more pic of our butterflies in their hatching environment. Our youngest was especially amazed to watch them. And our youngest cat tried to terrorize them by jumping up and hitting their hatching habitat.

On Thursday I took this picture of our very clever cat sitting in the hall watching the butterflies.

Friday I snapped this picture out front of the church of a cherry tree.

Picture Catch Up

I'm behind yet again.

Thursday - April 16 - my boys blew bubbles.

Friday, my youngest does flips, with daddy's help, of course.

Saturday we found a potential playhouse/hideout for the guys.

Sunday, both boys attended a birthday party at our local inflatable place.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Our youngest up close and personal.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've Got My Glasses!

Our youngest got all dressed up today...put his Elmo snow boots on, his ONU sweatshirt, his sunglasses and was ready to go somewhere. He climbed up on the coffee table and announced I've got my boots, I've got my glasses, Mommy, I have my pants, I have my ear, I have my other ear. I thought of the song I Want to Be a Cowboy. Later this evening, he got out his rocking horse, got on his Scooby Doo PJs and cowboy hat and rode off into the sunset while watching Sponge Bob.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun at the Park

The boys had a great day off with Grandma at the Beach. We went to McDonald's playland for a late lunch. After that we went to the Strike Zone to bowl a couple of games. Finally we went to the park to play on the new playground equipment. Here is a pic of our oldest on the stone dinosaur.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He Is Risen!!

Today was a wonderful Easter Sunday!! It started out early for me at the Sunrise Service at Beech Fork Lake. Boy, was it COLD (around 32 degrees) but the setting was pretty and watching the sun come up over the lake was pretty cool. I saw about 6 - 8 deer on the way, which really woke me up at that early hour.

Later in the morning it was time for our service. The sanctuary was decorated with fresh flowers and butterflies. The title of the sermon I did was He's Alive it was a first person portrayal of Mary Magdalene after she found the tomb empty and talked with Jesus. Attendance was AWESOME today...I hope folks come back!

Hopefully I'll Stay Caught Up

Being Holy Week I haven't had the chance to post my pics from this past week. But here they are and hopefully I'll stay caught up from now on.

Monday our youngest posed for this picture....

On Tuesday I got this shot of our ever growing caterpillars are ascending to the top of their container. We're getting close, but still no cocooning...

On Wednesday our caterpillars began their assent to the top of their container they came in. And then they began to spin their cocoons...

Thursday I took the lining of the lid out and this is what it looked like with the 5 cocoons.

Friday I took this picture of the cocoons that have been transferred over to their hatching environment. This is where they will stay until they come out of their cocoons and are ready to be set free to fly.

Yesterday we had an Easter egg hunt at the church. There were several children that came to find eggs hidden throughout the church. Here's a picture of most of the kids that came.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Come On Cocoon!

Well, as you can tell by some of the pictures on here our caterpillars are growing quickly. I keep talking to them each day to encourage them to cocoon soon so they can hatch by Easter Sunday. It looks like a couple of them are complying with my request. There's all kids of this silky looking junk in their container...hoping that means cocooning soon and maybe hatching by next week.

Catching Up

I am behind yet again posting my pics from this week. The first three, from Monday - Wednesday are our caterpillars as they have grown....

On Thursday I took this pic of our boys' Jesus and Peter toys....the boat does not float and neither do the action figures.

Friday I caught is pic of my oldest and Jim making paper airplanes.

Yesterday, we went to a birthday party of one of our oldest friends. Here is a picture from that...