Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chip Off the Ol' Tooth

Well, yesterday was a day of weirdness...our oldest decided to make dessert for dinner...strawberries, shortcake and leftover Sweethearts. He gave Jim and I tastes of the shortcake with the SweetHearts pressed down in. I took a bite and felt a pain in my back molar. But, since I didn't see anything I thought it just felt like it chipped.

Later, my youngest and I were having our favorite evening snack...s'mores. As I bit into one and began to chew it, I felt something sharp in it. I spit it was part of my tooth. I had broken off one of the corners of my tooth.

Well, I called the dentist and left a message. I don't just call the dentist...unless I'm canceling an appointment that is (see other dentist posts). So I knew she'd know it was the real deal. She called me this morning and told me to come in at 10.

After about 2 hours I had been prepared for a crown, and had my temporary crown attached. Tonight it hurts...not an usual thing when I leave the dentist. I'm hoping it continues to decrease in pain...if it gets worse I may need a root canal...don't want that. Did I mention I have TMJ? Yeah that makes working on my back teeth uncomfortable to say the very least. But now thanks to motrin and time my tooth/jaw is feeling better. In about 2 weeks I'll have my new crown.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Very Sad Situation

I was going to post this earlier but when I didn't feel good but thought I'd post this now. I was saddened to hear of the tragedy in Stephen Curtis Chapman. On Thursday I was driving to work and heard that on Wednesday Stephen lost his 5 year old daughter in a tragic accident. She was hit by her teenage brother as he backed down their driveway.

I can't imagine the loss he and his family must feel. I can't imagine how sad and guiltridden their son must be. This is truly a tragedy.

The memorial service was very sad this is.

Please pray for Stephen and his family as they go through this very rough time in their lives.

Friday, May 23, 2008

On Top of Everything Else

Yesterday was a mixed up day. I had a lot to do for work...prepare for a conference call for the conference committee I'm the chair of and preaching for our worship experience we have on Thursday nights. On a good low stress note, my DH was on his way home from being gone to WI for several days...I was looking forward to him being home.

The calls always cause me a little stress trying to be sure I've got everything ready to go, so when I got a huge headache I didn't think much about it.

After the call I went downstairs for Common head still pounding. The service went well...and after I preached my head got a little better. I thought it was just my stress that had caused it.

But on my way home it started again then I started feeling dizzy. I ran through a drive thru thinking I was maybe just hungry, but it got worse when I got home. Now my tummy was feeling funny, my dizziness continued and my head was throbbing. I talked to our sitters for a while then they went home...not too long after DH arrived home. I started feeling worse. The food I had gotten didn't even really sound good. Then I started getting really cold.

Great, I thought, I've got the flu. I went to bed at 8:30 which never happens, had a run with gastrointestinal pyrotechnics once and slept from then on.

Today I don't feel too head still hurts off and on and my tummy's kinda funny. I have been eating some headache is pretty well comes just a little off and on. Hoping to just take it easy today so that we can enjoy the holiday weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Prodigal Returns!!

Stimpy's back!!! Mitchie, our dog, was out for his evening stroll and found her under the car. I backed the car up slowly and rescued her. She's back safe and sound!! Yea!!


Last night, as I was getting things ready for today, it dawned on my that I hadn't seen our cat, Stimpy for a while. I had cleaned out her litterbox earlier in the day...saw her earlier but hadn't seen her roaming as he usually does. I set out some food then thought I'd check in the morning maybe she's upstairs somewhere hiding...she does that sometimes.

When I woke up I didn't hear her usual meow...I went upstairs, she hadn't used the litter box. We looked around as I took the oldest to school. I kept thinking maybe she was just hiding. After work...still nothing around still there from the night before. Stimpy was gone.

We've alerted our neighbors...maybe she'll found. The last time she did this she was gone for about 6 weeks. But this time in 6 weeks, we'll be gone to the new house.

I can still remember when I first got Stimpy. She was a cute little kitten with an attitude. She is a light gray tabby with green eyes. Even though she wasn't really personable, she was a companion. I was just out on my own...teaching.

I hope she comes back...I kinda miss that whiny meow of hers.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Don't Dis on the Polar Bears

I was listening to talk radio this morning the host was saying that the only reason the environmentalists are putting the polar bear on the endangered species list is because they want to protect the land from drilling. He basically said it was a ruse by the environmentalists to raise gasoline costs. According to Beck, just putting the polar bear on the endangered species list will cost everyone $1.50 more at the pump.

I'm sorry but not everything is a conspiracy. As a polar bear myself (an Ohio Northern Polar Bear, that is) I find it bothersome that someone would think people are making this up. The problem is that the polar ice caps are melting...and why?...because of global warming. This is damage that humanity has done over the last several is a result of us not taking care of the environment.

The polar bears are finding it harder and harder to find their food. They have to travel farther distances to get the seals and fish they feed upon. People are not making this is fact. I'm sorry sir, but you are wrong. As Klondike our mascot would say, "Don't dis on the polar bears, they've done nothing to you."

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weekend at the Hospital

This weekend we've been spending some time at the hospital. Friday night Jim was having severe pain in his left abdomen so we got the boys to a friend's house and came to the ER. Through a CT scan they found out he had a kidney stone 5.9 mm. They gave us medicine for his pain then sent us home with an appointment with the urologist for Monday. But during the night the pain worsened and we were back. They admitted him so that he could receive stronger pain meds.

He was scheduled for the procedure to remove the stone yesterday but because it was trama day here at the hospital he was bumped til today. He's in surgery now. I know it's an easy procedure but it's still nerve racking to sit and wait and not really be able to do anything.

It's ironic...I was supposed to preach today...I had written a sermon entitled hurry up and wait. Little did I think I would be living that sermon and not preaching it. Our senior pastor is covering for me today while I wait.

It's been almost a half hour since they took him in...the doctor said the procedure takes about 45 minutes to an hour. It won't be long I hope...then he'll be in recovery for about an hour. The good thing is that they have internet here so I can pass the time blogging and surfing which takes my mind off of it a little.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Old Friends...New Possibilities

We will receive a new appointment this year. Even though we are just moving about 7 miles or so it's still a move. We've been packing boxes, purging some of the things that we don't need or want any more. My office is filled with stacks of books (trying to categorize them before packing) and stacks of boxes. It wasn't until today that I think the move really got to me. I went to U-Haul to pick up some more boxes and decided, after talking to a friend of mine that's moving from southern to northern WV, to rent a van. They only have one big one left now. Thanks to Sharon we'll not be without a covered place to move our stuff in case of rain. When I got home and told WabiSabi about it, it just hit me...we're really moving. Wow.

So much much sorrow...grief in the fact that we're leaving good friends who have been like family to us. They have walked with us through joy and held us close when we experienced rough times. Memories have been made in this appointment...Jim and I were married early on in our time here...both of our sons were born...I finished seminary...I was commissioned then ordained. So many memories.

As these next 2 months fly quickly by, I am seeking to make more memories. Our time here has been blessed and we will never forget this congregation and their impact upon our lives.

We look forward to the new possibilities that lie ahead and know that God goes with us through this transition.