Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weekend at the Hospital

This weekend we've been spending some time at the hospital. Friday night Jim was having severe pain in his left abdomen so we got the boys to a friend's house and came to the ER. Through a CT scan they found out he had a kidney stone 5.9 mm. They gave us medicine for his pain then sent us home with an appointment with the urologist for Monday. But during the night the pain worsened and we were back. They admitted him so that he could receive stronger pain meds.

He was scheduled for the procedure to remove the stone yesterday but because it was trama day here at the hospital he was bumped til today. He's in surgery now. I know it's an easy procedure but it's still nerve racking to sit and wait and not really be able to do anything.

It's ironic...I was supposed to preach today...I had written a sermon entitled hurry up and wait. Little did I think I would be living that sermon and not preaching it. Our senior pastor is covering for me today while I wait.

It's been almost a half hour since they took him in...the doctor said the procedure takes about 45 minutes to an hour. It won't be long I hope...then he'll be in recovery for about an hour. The good thing is that they have internet here so I can pass the time blogging and surfing which takes my mind off of it a little.


The Costume Lady said...

Keeping you all in my prayers!

revabi said...

Hope he is better. Had one of those once and once is enough for me.