Friday, May 16, 2008

Don't Dis on the Polar Bears

I was listening to talk radio this morning the host was saying that the only reason the environmentalists are putting the polar bear on the endangered species list is because they want to protect the land from drilling. He basically said it was a ruse by the environmentalists to raise gasoline costs. According to Beck, just putting the polar bear on the endangered species list will cost everyone $1.50 more at the pump.

I'm sorry but not everything is a conspiracy. As a polar bear myself (an Ohio Northern Polar Bear, that is) I find it bothersome that someone would think people are making this up. The problem is that the polar ice caps are melting...and why?...because of global warming. This is damage that humanity has done over the last several is a result of us not taking care of the environment.

The polar bears are finding it harder and harder to find their food. They have to travel farther distances to get the seals and fish they feed upon. People are not making this is fact. I'm sorry sir, but you are wrong. As Klondike our mascot would say, "Don't dis on the polar bears, they've done nothing to you."