Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chip Off the Ol' Tooth

Well, yesterday was a day of weirdness...our oldest decided to make dessert for dinner...strawberries, shortcake and leftover Sweethearts. He gave Jim and I tastes of the shortcake with the SweetHearts pressed down in. I took a bite and felt a pain in my back molar. But, since I didn't see anything I thought it just felt like it chipped.

Later, my youngest and I were having our favorite evening snack...s'mores. As I bit into one and began to chew it, I felt something sharp in it. I spit it was part of my tooth. I had broken off one of the corners of my tooth.

Well, I called the dentist and left a message. I don't just call the dentist...unless I'm canceling an appointment that is (see other dentist posts). So I knew she'd know it was the real deal. She called me this morning and told me to come in at 10.

After about 2 hours I had been prepared for a crown, and had my temporary crown attached. Tonight it hurts...not an usual thing when I leave the dentist. I'm hoping it continues to decrease in pain...if it gets worse I may need a root canal...don't want that. Did I mention I have TMJ? Yeah that makes working on my back teeth uncomfortable to say the very least. But now thanks to motrin and time my tooth/jaw is feeling better. In about 2 weeks I'll have my new crown.