Thursday, May 01, 2008

Old Friends...New Possibilities

We will receive a new appointment this year. Even though we are just moving about 7 miles or so it's still a move. We've been packing boxes, purging some of the things that we don't need or want any more. My office is filled with stacks of books (trying to categorize them before packing) and stacks of boxes. It wasn't until today that I think the move really got to me. I went to U-Haul to pick up some more boxes and decided, after talking to a friend of mine that's moving from southern to northern WV, to rent a van. They only have one big one left now. Thanks to Sharon we'll not be without a covered place to move our stuff in case of rain. When I got home and told WabiSabi about it, it just hit me...we're really moving. Wow.

So much much sorrow...grief in the fact that we're leaving good friends who have been like family to us. They have walked with us through joy and held us close when we experienced rough times. Memories have been made in this appointment...Jim and I were married early on in our time here...both of our sons were born...I finished seminary...I was commissioned then ordained. So many memories.

As these next 2 months fly quickly by, I am seeking to make more memories. Our time here has been blessed and we will never forget this congregation and their impact upon our lives.

We look forward to the new possibilities that lie ahead and know that God goes with us through this transition.