Friday, February 27, 2009

I See the Moon...

Tonight I couldn't think of what to photograph, so I took the tissue box beside me and took a pic of the moon on it.  Something different...reminded me of some recent conversations I've had. 

Remember You are Dust

I took this picture after our evening Ash Wednesday service last night.  We looked at what it means to practice piety and how to practice our piety.  So, how will you spend your Lent?  Are you giving something up or taking something on?  Will you, following this holy time of year, be closer to God or will Easter come with no change in your life?  

Lent is a journey in the wilderness of our faith with our Lord and Savior.  How we choose to spend it is up to us.  The question is will this journey be one that changes our lives and potentially the lives of those around us?  

I hope you have a blessed Lent.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now I'm Caught UP

From yesterday, our oldest with his toothy grin.

This evening I was looking for something to take a picture of when I spotted these bandages sitting on the table next to the chair I am sitting in. I got these for our boys when I was on a business trip in Nashville. Both of them are really into pirates. These band aids are pretty cool. They seem to help the pain subside when you are in pain ARGH!

More Pics

Here are more of my pics from Project 365:

From Friday: our youngest sitting as still as I've ever seen him while he watches his dubbies in real life.

From Saturday: a couple of parishioners have suggested I read this book, The Shack, and let them know what I think. I have just begun the book and haven't gotten too far but look forward to reading it soon.

From Sunday: Our youngest trying to get away from me.

Catch Up

I'm still playing catch up for my Project 365 pics. Here are some that I've uploaded from last week.
They're a little different than others I've posted before.

From Monday: Smile!! The eraser from our oldest's new pencil.

From Tuesday: This is a pic that our oldest drew in art class.

Wednesday: A motorcycle that our boys play with on occassion.

Thursday: Our oldest and I went to Dollar General and found this Sponge Bob ball...both of our boys love this strange little character.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Storm, A Cat, A Dance, A Wedding and A Bath are my pics since Tuesday. On Wednesday, not too long after we had all the ice and snow the two weeks before, we had a strong wind and rain storm. The weather was really weird...the trees that had been weakened by the ice were blowing and bending in the wind. Our power was going on, off, dimming, brightening. It was strange. Then after a while, the sky got really weird looking...this is a picture from that day when the sky turned a weird yellow.

On Thursday, our oldest cat, Stimpy was sitting close to me so I decided to snap a shot of her. As you can tell she was less than thrilled to get her picture taken.

Then on Friday, our oldest went to his first school dance. They had a Valentine Dance complete with loud music, glowing necklaces, food and fun. Here is a looks kinda wild I guess because of the dark...of our oldest as I went in to pick him up.

Saturday we went to a wedding of a friend. It was a beautiful ceremony and the tables were really pretty with purple rose petals, rocks, evergreen and candles. I snapped this picture of our table's centerpiece to show how pretty everything was.

Finally, tonight I snapped a picture of our youngest as he was finishing up his bath. He loves his time in the tub and is sad when the water has to "go back home to get ready for bed." Here is one of the times I actually snapped him as he said "Cheese" and smiled.

Hopefully, from now on I can keep up better with my pictures. I'm taking them but I am getting bogged down with posting them.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Battle Lines are Set

Tonight our oldest got out his Battleground game he got for Christmas. He and dad put the stuff together and got things ready to have the big battle tomorrow after school.

Monday, February 09, 2009

I'm Behind Again

OK...I'm behind again with my Project 365 pics. Between being under the weather and swamped with various other things I didn't get to post these:

From Friday: when my boys are happy with their outfits, you can always tell...they walk around with their hands in their pockets. I just had to take this pic when I saw our youngest walking like that.

Saturday we went to a birthday party of two of our friends. The guys had fun on the inflatables. Our youngest loves riding in the little car on the track. I think he believes he might be a NASCAR racer.

On Sunday, we talked about reaching out to others in the name of Christ. We talked about how the early church had to go underground...the sign of the fish was used to signal other Christians that they were among friends. Jim used this pendant during the Children's Time to talk to the young ones about the early Christians and how the children could share God's love with those they met.

Tonight our youngest stopped to pose for this pic...of course while saying, "Smile."

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hi Allie!

Allie up close and personal

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Rubbing Mommy's Feet

Our youngest learned how to rub my feet tonight. Oh yeah, this could come in handy later. Ahh.

My guys

I love my boys...and my heart is warmed when they show that they love each other. Through the arguments and the fights their love shines brightly.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

OK...I've Gotten Behind

With all the stuff going on with weather and my tiredness, I haven't updated my Project 365 here's the pictures I've missed posting up so far...

From Saturday...Peace, Baby, of some lounge pants.....

From Sunday a picture of our wooden Noah's Ark...our youngest always calls this a Pirate was made for us by a family friend who cut each animal and each piece of the ark's pretty cool

From Monday, a picture of our youngest cat.