Monday, February 09, 2009

I'm Behind Again

OK...I'm behind again with my Project 365 pics. Between being under the weather and swamped with various other things I didn't get to post these:

From Friday: when my boys are happy with their outfits, you can always tell...they walk around with their hands in their pockets. I just had to take this pic when I saw our youngest walking like that.

Saturday we went to a birthday party of two of our friends. The guys had fun on the inflatables. Our youngest loves riding in the little car on the track. I think he believes he might be a NASCAR racer.

On Sunday, we talked about reaching out to others in the name of Christ. We talked about how the early church had to go underground...the sign of the fish was used to signal other Christians that they were among friends. Jim used this pendant during the Children's Time to talk to the young ones about the early Christians and how the children could share God's love with those they met.

Tonight our youngest stopped to pose for this pic...of course while saying, "Smile."