Friday, May 23, 2008

On Top of Everything Else

Yesterday was a mixed up day. I had a lot to do for work...prepare for a conference call for the conference committee I'm the chair of and preaching for our worship experience we have on Thursday nights. On a good low stress note, my DH was on his way home from being gone to WI for several days...I was looking forward to him being home.

The calls always cause me a little stress trying to be sure I've got everything ready to go, so when I got a huge headache I didn't think much about it.

After the call I went downstairs for Common head still pounding. The service went well...and after I preached my head got a little better. I thought it was just my stress that had caused it.

But on my way home it started again then I started feeling dizzy. I ran through a drive thru thinking I was maybe just hungry, but it got worse when I got home. Now my tummy was feeling funny, my dizziness continued and my head was throbbing. I talked to our sitters for a while then they went home...not too long after DH arrived home. I started feeling worse. The food I had gotten didn't even really sound good. Then I started getting really cold.

Great, I thought, I've got the flu. I went to bed at 8:30 which never happens, had a run with gastrointestinal pyrotechnics once and slept from then on.

Today I don't feel too head still hurts off and on and my tummy's kinda funny. I have been eating some headache is pretty well comes just a little off and on. Hoping to just take it easy today so that we can enjoy the holiday weekend.


Happy hippo said...

If that headache or dizziness come back, you really ought to go the ER. You can't be too careful with that stuff. Hope you are feeling better.

revabi said...

Bless you and I hope you get better, get the rest you need to get well. Take care.