Monday, March 13, 2006

Thank You for Sharing Your Faith

When I first started at the church I began to attend the Tuesday morning prayer group. It was then that I first met Art, the leader of the group. He would teach a Bible study and then lead the group in prayer. He had such a quiet, holy way about him...something that I've only seen a few times in my life.

Art really reminded me of another saint in my life named Dale. Dale was my high school Sunday school teacher. He knew the Bible better than anyone I have ever met. He was such a kind and gentle soul.

Both of these men displayed God's love and God's presence throughout their lives. They showed me what it means to have a close relationship with our creator. And I thank God that I got to know them.

When I was in seminary, one of my favorite professors, Sister AnnMarie talked about those people that you meet who just have God oozing out their pores. They are so steeped in Scripture, prayer and a deep relationship with God, you can see God all around them. Dale and Art are two such men.

Both have gone on to be with God, Dale a few years ago and Art this past week. They are missed but the legacy of their faith will continue for years to come through those they touched along life's path. And we have been blessed to know them.