Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cat's Out of the Bag

Today during our 11 o'clock worship service, Jim and Jake shared the joy that Jake is going to be a big brother. This has been a wonderful secret we've kept pretty quiet since before Christmas (we found out December 23rd). We wanted to share earlier but I was scared especially after what happened in August.

We told Jake after we had our first ultrasound and heard and saw the baby and his/her heartbeat. The technician took extra time with us to point out everything and how everything seemed to be just fine this time.

We've passed the first trimester hump and now are entering into our 17th week. About 3 weeks or so ago we had our last doctor's appointment and I asked to hear the heartbeat again just for my state of mind. The doctor told us that the baby was in the in between stage and she wasn't sure if she could find it or pick it up, but as long as I didn't freak out she'd try. She tried and on the first try found it right away. Tears filled my eyes as I heard that beautiful sound.

"It's ok to cry that's a wonderful sound." the doctor told me.

Jake is so excited...I'm hoping that all will progress well until late August when we get to meet this little one.