Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sigh, I Guess I Won't Be Going

Today the prices were released for the world premiere of the We Are Marshall movie. I had known the tickets would not be cheap and I was right. The cheapest seats are $250 which are probably in the balcony. Then there are the $500 tickets where you can be closer to the stars...probably on the floor. There are the $1000 tickets where you can be in the front with the stars and attend a gala reception with the stars too...and there are premiere sponsor tickets for $10,000 - $500,000. Now the proceeds from these tickets go to good causes...Marshall University and the Keith Albee restoration fund, but come on. I guess you have to be rich to associate with the rich and famous.

We're talking about going to the red carpet with camera in hand to see the stars and be a little a part of the big event. On the news tonight they said that there might be another showing of the movie with tickets going for $25 a piece. That's a little more of what I might pay to see it during the big hoopla.

Oh well...maybe there will be some kind of the movie and sit with the stars stuff. That'd be cool...yeah, I'll hope for that.