Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not a Great Game, But a Good Day

This past weekend we made our first road trip with the little one. We went back to my old stompin' grounds for Ohio Northern's homecoming. This year's theme was Gone Country. It was a nice day...a little chilly, but if you know anything about Ada, Ohio and the tundra of ONU, you understand completely how chilly it can get. It was sunny and no snow in sight.

There were rides for the kids, big and small. Our oldest rode rides upon rides. He started out on the pony rides then moved on to the canoe rides. He was excited that all the food in the carnival area was free...including caramel apples and cotton candy. There was a lot of cool free stuff...banners and a cowbell.

After a lunch of hotdogs and hamburgers at the tailgate party, we headed over to Dial Roberson Stadium for the game. We even got to see Klondike and get a picture with him. I wish I could say it was a great was good, exciting at times, but unfortunately we lost. That was disappointing.

Anyway after the game, our oldest went down to the field to participate in the pass, punt and kick contest. He won first place for the 5 year old division. We were so proud.

Even though the bears lost, we had a great time. And I think everyone had fun.