Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shots Stink!!

Yesterday our youngest had another well baby appointment. This is one of the doctor visits that I just hate. He had to receive 3 shots and an immunization by mouth. I hate when the boys receive shots. When our oldest was a baby I wasn't prepared for the shock of listening him scream and cry when the shots were given. My husband held him down while I started to tear up.

Then there was the time he fell and cracked open his chin at Universal Studios on our vacation to Florida. He had to get a shot in his chin before it could be sown up. I know all of these shots are for their own good, but it makes me sad to hear them in pain and scared. I can't even watch them get the shots because it upsets me.

I hated shots when I was their age, but think it's harder when it's your children that are on the receiving end of the needle. It's hard to take when your child is in pain.

I wonder if that's the way God feels when we are hurting or scared. I wonder if it makes him upset to see us cry. I imagine that he wants so much to comfort us and hold us close. All of this out of God's great love for us. After all, God is our ultimate parent and isn't that what parents do?