Saturday, October 21, 2006

What Has Happened to the Bears?!

The season started pretty good...they were nationally ranked 9th. We knew that the big game would be against Mt. Union who once again was nationally ranked 1st. But we had beaten them last year and stopped their record breaking winning streak. I was excited, even ESPN mentioned the game on their pre-game show. I thought another upset might be at hand, but they beat us 49 - 7. Our rating fell to like 12th.

It was with that loss that the Polar Bears seemed to lose their steam big time. The next week was homecoming. The Bears hosted number 4 Capital. It was a good game, but the Bears came up short losing 10 - 17...thus dropping to 20th place nationally.

This week ONU traveled to Marietta. It seems that the losses from the past 2 weeks still have their hold. Marietta won 16 - 6. We've dropped to 3 - 3 for the Ohio Atheletic Conference...this game was for 4th place in our conference.

The numbers are there for the possessions and the yardage, but it seems as though no matter how far we get, we just can't score.

Next week we play Baldwin Wallace there. Come on guys, lets get back in the game and finish the season with some passion and wins.