Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What Do You Mean No Pie?!

Over the weekend we went to the West Virginia Pumpkin Festival. We haven't been there for a few years...I think our oldest was a baby the last time we were there. It has really grown since then. The ground was muddy from the week's rains but the atmosphere was great. There was the exhibit of large pumpkins including one that was over 900 pounds, there were arts and crafts, and there were some pretty cool concessions.

You could get about anything you wanted pumpkin. Pumpkin clothes for yourself, your children, your pet, your lawn animals; pumpkin candles; pumpkin cutouts; pumpkin coffee; pumpkin chips; pumpkin butter, pumpkin bread and pumpkin doughnuts.

Now with all of these selections you would think they'd have plenty of my favorite fall treats...pumpkin pie. I love pumpkin pie especially if it's warm with a lot of whipped cream. While the boys and I stood in line to get hot dogs, Jim went to get food and dessert. But when he got to the pie stand they were out. OK it was the I thought they just were really busy...but they had run out at like 10 AM that day...they said they'd have more the next day, but you had to get there by 9 or 10. Are you kidding me?!

The Pumpkin Festival with no pumpkin pie...unless you want it for breakfast. Just disappointing. On the way home, we stopped at the grocery and the guys got me a pumpkin pie. And boy is it good!!