Monday, November 12, 2007

Why Is It?

Today since school was out, I spent most of the day with my oldest. I told him that we could have some mommy and J time. He's been wanting to see The Bee Movie so we made plans to go see it today. I misread the site and thought the movie started at 12:30 instead of 12:50. Thinking we were running a little late, I hurried my 6 year old so we could get a good seat in case everyone had the same idea we had.

We patiently waited in line for our lunch/snacks...which sometimes is a challenge at our theater...then we made it to our seats.

Now, remember, we're like 40 minutes early thanks to my we're the only ones in the theater. We had our choice of seats and wound up 2/3 of the way to the top in the middle.

Now comes my quandary...why is it that even when there aren't that many people in the theater, people insist on sitting almost on top of you? And why do the ones that like to kick the backs of seats or tap their feet incessantly have to sit right behind me?!

There are plenty of seats in the theater...the whole back row was EMPTY...but a grandfather and his 6 grandchildren had to sit butted right up next to us. Then on the other side, there are plenty of seats but the guy insists on sitting right next to me? Why is it that people don't say something when their children are kicking your seat repeatedly? Maybe it's because they're busy almost yelling at each other to be heard cuz they just have to say a few things right now in the midst of everything?

I don't get it. The theater did fill up after the movie actually started, but at the time we were being invaded there were plenty, PLENTY of seats.