Friday, November 16, 2007

Random Thoughts From NYWC - Day Two

Today was a day filled with connecting with new friends and seeing a couple of old friends.

Gavin - I finally got to meet Gavin and chat with him over lunch. It was cool to put a face with the blogger name. I did notice his uncanny resemblance in both appearance and sound of his voice to Jack Black. I also met another of Gavin's friends, but right now I can't remember his name. Sorry...I'm really bad with names.

I also met Mark Oestreicher for just a bit. And I really liked his talk today. He told us to waste time with God...I like that term...just hanging out with God. How cool!

There was a lady from Missouri who had a little girl that was so very cute...made me miss my little guy. There were two Taylor students from Ft. Wayne who actually knew where I grew up...that was cool. A dude working one of the booths at the expo who is a Michigan fan...GO BLUE...who told me that we can catch the game at the expo on one of the TVs even though the guy who runs the booth is an OSU fan.

Oh, I forgot to mention seeing my good friend Todd which I went to seminary with. It was good to see him and his family. He's working for Youth Specialties so I hope to see him tomorrow so we can chat a little more.

And I saw the professor I had for youth ministry.

Mark Yaconelli talked about the Dark Night of the Soul as being the time when God works on us in secret to deepen our relationship with God. He also said that it is during this time...the time when we feel as though everything's out of wack and nothing really makes sense...that God is expanding our understanding of God. The boxes that we have placed God into are no longer sufficient.

Following this, I went to dinner and was shown around Decatur by Mary. Now I'm tired and have an early morning tomorrow. And looking at the clock, I think I'll go to sleep.

Night all.