Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Luggage Finally Arrived

Because of my exhaustion from traveling, I didn't blog Monday and yesterday was hectic trying to get stuff together/caught up that I didn't write then either.

It's amazing how things change just a little sometimes. The one thing I was a little wiggy about over this trip was losing my luggage...something that's kinda happened to me before. Before our youngest was born...actually I was 6 months pregnant with him...we went to San Diego. It was Memorial Day weekend and we were on our way back. We were to fly into Chicago because I didn't want to go through DC. Well, it was storming in the Windy City so we sat on the runway waiting to take off. In doing so, we missed our flight back to Huntington. The night before air traffic was jammed too because of similar conditions. So, we were stuck...we were in luggage and stuck for 2 days. Being 6 months pregnant I found no humor in this at all. We were lucky, though, and got hotel rooms (we were traveling with my husband's boss) at a place that was a mile from a huge mall complete with a Motherhood store. So, we were ok.

Anyhoo ever since that happened I've been paranoid that I'm going to lose my luggage. My flight out of Atlanta was delayed just a little. It was in the beginning of the holiday rush. There was fog early in the morning. Some flights were delayed and so the gate where my flight was to take off from was packed. There was talk from the Delta folks that we were close to our weight limit and they needed to know who had kids (not something you really want to hear). We sat on the mat waiting to take off as our fuel level was reduced.

My hour layover in Cincinnati turned into about 20 minutes. Needless to say my luggage didn't make the trek across the airport. We got into Huntington and no luggage.

Normally this would freak me out...and I was upset cuz some of the souvenirs I bought were in that suitcase. But at least I was home. Yesterday my luggage finally showed up. All's really good.

The last day of the National Youth Workers Conference we were encouraged to write the title of the next chapter of our life. The theme of the conference was Storyline...becoming a part of God's bigger story. Looking Forward, Not Looking Back is what I wrote for this next chapter.