Friday, November 16, 2007

Random Thoughts From NYWC - Day One

I had intended to post yesterday but by the time I tried to log on, our internet here it was down. So now I have two days of conference to catch up on.

Yesterday wasn't really a conference day as I arrived in Atlanta and was trying to get acclimated to the area and see what all was going on. I got into Atlanta at around 3:15 and had to navigate through this airport which I'd never been to before. I finally found my luggage and waited for Mary. We met up and took MARTA to the hotel. I got checked into the room is on the 26th floor. Mary and I went over to the YS conference site and I got checked in (after walking a few miles).

Later we went to The Underground and had dinner at a pub there. On our way back, a very helpful individual tried to evangelize to us on the way by the Phillips Center where Bow Wow was playing. Mary told him we were both pastors (which I suspect made him even more sure we were condemned forever) and assured him that God loves him.

From all the walking, traveling, and evangelizing, I was exhausted. So back by 8 to prepare for Friday.

The pictures are views from my room.