Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not So Mad Today

OK, yesterday I was pretty ticked because of what the scale said...but today when I measured myself (I didn't get to do that last night as usual) I found out that what my former aerobics instructor had said...don't go by the scale, go by the way your clothes fit or the way you smaller your waist is getting. Today I got out the tape measure and looked at what the other numbers said. Well, I've lost like 3 inches off of my waist and almost 3 off of my hips. I'm gradually getting smaller.

Today I went back to the Y for early water aerobics. Tuesdays should be known as swimming with the sadist because it almost killed me. It's deep water aerobics and boy was it interesting and DIFFICULT. We began with these floaty belts around our waist...I thought ok cool...we'll probably tread water and stuff. NO...we started by running from one side of the pool to the other...when you ran out of floor you kept on we did cross country skiing...same thing...we followed that with getting these foam ended barbells and pushed them up and down while we ran down and back...we did a back float kick thing next with the barbell across our chest as we lay on our backs...then it was "sit in a chair" and use only your arms down and back...and now go backwards doing the same thing. Finally as I'm getting more and more tired, we had to swim laps...with these float things holding us fast as we can. I thought I was going to die. I haven't swam laps since I was in college and needless to say I was in so much better shape then.

Maybe I'll go back next week...boy, that was a workout.


MzDaVinci said...

Congratulations! Don't quit. It took us all longer than we care to admit to get into the shape we are in today. You are doing awesome. I love the look of your blog but I confess reading it is a challenge for these aging eyes (smile). With Love & admiration at your success - Mom