Friday, February 15, 2008

What Is Going On?

These past few weeks have been a weird and deadly. What could be so wrong in someone's life that they would think of going into a school and shooting people? Is it our culture? Is it that we are living in a more violent society that almost preaches get even first ask questions later? How do we raise our children to share the love and grace of God especially in times of frustration?

The sixth victim of the shootings at Northern Illinois has died. After the Virginia Tech shootings there was talk about making college campuses more secure...Do we add fences and guards to try to ensure that our college students are safe? What about metal detectors at the door of each building?

When I went to Ohio Northern, I loved the openness of the campus...I can't imagine what that beautiful campus would look like if it were "secured". It would be a sad distraction from the welcoming atmosphere of the community there.

There are no answers...there's no way to ensure that we could tell when someone is going to snap. I guess we just need to pay more attention to those we come in contact with. I just hate that the places that should support community and support have become places where people might be afraid and feel isolated.