Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Snow Day

Today was another snow day for the boys. Well, actually for our oldest and I just kept our youngest at home because I don't like driving on the road to get him to childcare. I'm still not feeling 100% but today helped me to get a little more rest than normal.

I had planned on taking this day anyway as I've been fighting this cold thing for several days. Thanks to the cancellation, we got to sleep in a little bit and this afternoon in the midst of working and the little one taking a nap, I got to snooze too.

This medicine I've started taking this medicine recommended by the pharmacist. Boy that knocks your socks off. I noticed it said nighttime but she said I might be able to take it during the day. Yeah....I don't think so. This afternoon I just took half a dose and was still zonked. Last night it did a number on mind was racing...weird. But at least my nose dried up and my coughing subsided so I could sleep.

Tomorrow back to work...hopefully I'll feel somewhat better...I can't be on this medicine and go anywhere so I hope that it's at least a little better.