Monday, February 04, 2008

Biggest Loser, Day 1 - Temptations All Around

Today officially began the YS Biggest Loser competition. As I was getting up this morning I began to struggle with the idea of going to work out. So many excuses came to mind of why I shouldn't go, but I packed up my gym bag anyway so I'd be ready. Even when I got to work I was still making up in my mind reasons why I shouldn't go, but will power prevailed and I went to my water aerobics class.

When I got to work today one of our preschool teachers had a little container of these candy/cookie things she makes out of Oreos. They are so good. She had three of for me, and two for two others. I did give in to that little taste of chocolate and mint (but it was after I had gone to the Y and worked out for an hour).

The third temptation came when I got home and it was that lull time between dinner and bed time. I was bored, so I tried to find something to eat. With all of the left over Super Bowl treats we had gotten that's not a good thing. A piece of cake that our oldest had picked out was taunting me...but when I looked at the label and saw the abundance of calories in just a little piece of it, I thought OK on to something else. I looked at the Poptarts...still too many calories. So I opted for raisins...a small box which I shared with our youngest.

This is going to be a LONG twelve weeks.