Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What Did She Think?

Today one of the movies my oldest and I watched was The Nativity Story. I had wanted to see it when it came out but with our youngest being so small, we didn't see many movies last year. We watched parts of it in youth last Sunday and I really wanted to see the whole movie. It was really good! Very well done.

J asked me questions throughout and that was pretty cool...teaching him the deeper story of Jesus' birth not just that he was born in a manger and people came. We talked about Herod and how mean he was...we talked about the scholars...the wise men who traveled a long way to see Jesus. We talked about the long distance of 100 miles, a two hour trip by car, but how Mary and Joseph did it by foot/

Having 2 boys of my own, I just wonder what was going through Mary's mind during all of this. It seems as though each year around this time I have these same wonderings. She took a big risk saying yes...she could've been stoned to death. There was the long trip that would have been very difficult at 8-9 months along. The birth in the stable would've been not under the best circumstances especially without a midwife type of person.

I wonder what she thought when Simeon told her her heart would be pierced. Did she look at him as he grew and see unlimited possibilities...the kind I see when I look at my boys? Did she know the heartache that was in store for her son...for herself? It's this time of the year I wonder what she pondered in her heart.

How did she feel? What did she think?