Friday, December 14, 2007

Liked the Movie, Didn't Want to Live It

Today was the first day I've gotten to take away from work. After I dropped off the little one I decided to go uptown in the continuing search to find pretty much the only thing our oldest has asked Santa for...a Wii. I don't know if you have been following the hype, but they're pretty much the most sought for commodity this season. They're being sold on Ebay for in the upward of $500 - $900 depending on what you get with it.

So today started my personal hunt. I went to our downtown store...found only 5 people in front of me and the clerk said the truck would soon be arriving. We waited. I hoped. We found out there are only 3 consoles per box. OK, I thought, we need 2 boxes. The guy only delivered one. ARGH!!!

OK...I don't take defeat that easily...I began to call other stores...found one that had just one left....I was on my way...going fast enough I thought but not too fast. I get there...sold 6 minutes before ARGGHHHH!!!!

So, the hunt continues. I couldn't help but think of Arnold Swarchenegger and Sinbad in Jingle All the Way. I always kinda liked the movie...thought it a little far fetched...but now I understand. No underground workshops for me, though. If we can't find it I think Santa's going to have to write a letter of apology to our oldest...and we'll look at that for a birthday gift.

Continuing now to do prep work for Christmas...have lots of energy and I need to expend it somewhere.

ONE BOX???!!!!!!! SIX MINUTES????!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!