Monday, December 03, 2007

Afraid of Emergence?

I was reading Marko's post about a youth worker whose church seems to be leery of the Emergent church. It reminded me of a post I was going to write last week after watching the NBC news I think it was on Friday.

The story was supposed to be how the emergent congregations were getting to be less conservative...I think...but it took an interesting twist at least in my mind. There was this 20-something preacher who had come out of Jerry Falwell's church and created this emerging congregation in South Carolina.

All of this I thought was cool. But then there was this comment made about how the mega churches are very concerned about the emergent congregations. The megas are seeing their congregations beginning to age and I guess they don't like that the emergent churches are reaching out to gen-xers, milleniums and others. So, what will those mega churches be when these aging persons get too old to come out? Well, the comment made by the new reporter was that they were somehow trying to discourage people from being involved in emergent churches because they wanted them for themselves.

Can't we all work together to share God's love and grace with others? Why is it that some are so competitive for members? I don't get it.