Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Our world stood still....we all sucked in our breath and waited to wake up from this nightmare. A friend came over to watch our boy and told us to turn on the TV. It looked like a scene from a bad movie as we tuned in to see the second plane hit. What was happening?! This was no longer an accident, a was done with was done with hate.

I looked at my little baby...he was just about 8 months old...what kind of world would he know? What was happening around us? Would we ever really know? I hugged him tighter trying to protect him from the evil that was outside. Trying to shelter him somehow, some way from the "real world" where bad things happen for no reason to good people.

I called a good friend who was scheduled to leave that day for London. Where was she? Was she in the air? Was she safe? The lines are busy...please try again...Everyone was trying to call the ones they loved. Finally I heard from her...she was safe...she was in the states....she was at home....she wasn't leaving.

So many people lost their lives that day and the days to come. For what? I guess just so someone could make a point about how much they hated us.

Six years later and it seems like just yesterday that we all walked around a little stunned and kinda in a daze. We saw the people on the news...holding up pictures...searching for loved ones...searching for hope. We came together. We joined together in ways that only tragedy bring. We gathered in the church to offer prayers...prayers in different faiths. We were one if only for a while...if only to help each of us begin to heal.

Six years later and things are pretty much back to "normal." We go through our lives so eager to get quickly from here to there. We don't really pay attention, real attention, to those around us unless they're in our way, we want something, they are close to us.

As we pause to remember, let us pray for love. Love for each that can conquer evil. Let us pray for continued healing. May the rain that fell today remind us of the tears we shed that day six years ago. And may we seek to reach out to one the name of love.