Friday, September 07, 2007

It's That Season Again!

I'm so's football season again! Although last week's game for the Wolverines looked more like a high school team playing a college team, I am hopeful that they will redeem themselves against the Ducks tomorrow. Hopefully more folks will show up tomorrow than just Mike Hart.

Ohio Northern begins its season at home against Millikin, Illinois. The cool thing about tomorrow's game (other than the fact the Polar Bears are playing, of course) is that 100% of the money from ticket sales will go to help the areas impacted by the recent flooding in northwest Ohio. It was quite disturbing to see Findlay look like a river ran down Main Street. So it'll be fun and a great way to raise money for a good cause.

Finally, the "big game", WVU at Marshall. Now I have to admit growing up in northwest Ohio I had never heard of Marshall until I came down here...and I really didn't get the whole fan thing until I started looking deeper into the history of the football program especially in the 70s. But now with the knowledge that I have gained I must say I'm a Marshall fan. 'Course two of the guys in this house I think will be rooting the other way. Hopefully my youngest will be on "my side" he's at least going to dress like it.

May the best teams win tomorrow (the ones I'm rooting for!)