Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Night Away

Last night our oldest stayed over night at a friend's house for the very first time. This event was planned about a week ago and he was so excited that he came home from church and began to get his stuff out that he wanted to pack. Every day we had the countdown to slumber party until finally Friday came. I got him from school, we packed his bags and then took him over to his friend's house. He was so excited. I helped him carry his stuff up to the house and then he brushed me off as he ran off with his friend.

Our youngest didn't know what to do without his brother. I think he went back and forth thinking he was at school and would be home soon. It wasn't until bath time that it really became evident that big brother was gone. He kept looking at the door of the bathroom like, "Where is he? Why isn't he taking a bath with me?"

He seemed to forget until this morning when our oldest got home and a little while after I asked our youngest if he wanted to go see J....his eyes lit up and he was ready to welcome big brother back home.

J had an AWESOME time.