Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Getting in Shape

I found this statistic on Dan Kimball's blog, Vintage Faith: In 2004, a survey of 2,500 ministers found that 76 percent of Christian clergy were overweight, compared with 61 percent of the general population.

Also it was recently released that West Virginia is 2nd in the nation for obesity at 29.8% just after Mississippi at 30.6%.

Both of these statistics are cause for action. The focus for our Annual Conference over this next quadrennium is stewardship. We're not only looking at financial stewardship but also environmental and physical stewardship. I'm hoping to do a better job of all of these myself...but wonder if it's because we so often try to care for others before ourselves that self-care is put aside.

As a society, we're a fast food nation wanting things really quick and eating on the run. I'm hoping to just slow down and take time to be more physically fit. It's hard to care for others when your not in good health yourself.

OK, so now my plan is to really start watching what I eat, to exercise more frequently and to try to live a healthier life.