Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cleaning up the mud

In the news over the past week have been stories about the flooding in Ohio. The floods occurred about an hour from where I grew up. I was watching the news the other night when they showed Findlay and remembered how I frequently visited Findlay when I was in college at Ohio Northern. The street that I remember driving down to get to the mall looked like a river.

When I spoke to my parents they said they were OK but that Ottawa was really hit hard. I have several friends from college who lived in the Ottawa area.

Most of the time flooding problems wouldn't even really cross your mind living in northwest Ohio. But it can really be a mess with the terrain of that area of the state. It is EXTREMELY flat so there's no place for the water to go. As if the drought wasn't bad enough for those who farm the land in that area now they have received the antithesis...way to much rain.

Please keep these folks in your prayers as they clean out the mud and guck.