Friday, August 17, 2007

364 Days Ago

I remember like it was yesterday. I was HUGE, HOT, and ready to see this little one that we'd been waiting for for a long while. Family members were in town ready to see this new addition to our family.

The house was pretty much prepared, our bags were packed and we were anxious. Our friend Betsy came over to stay with our oldest and would be meeting us at the hospital the next morning.

We woke up before the sun the next day and made our way to the hospital in the dark. I remember I was a little concerned because my chart had not arrived at the hospital (my doctor had put it in her bag and accidentally taken it home with her). So, as they hooked me up to the monitors they kept saying well we're still waiting on your chart.

Finally the doctor came in, Jim got dressed and ready to go. We headed off to the OR. Jim had to wait outside while they got me prepped.

There were many awesome aspects to this day. I went into the OR about 8 am or so...and they have prayer each morning at 8 am. The "crew" that was in there with me paused and one of them said, "That's exactly how I like to start surgery...with prayer." The next thing I know we're picking out what music to listen to during the birth. We picked out someone's (I can't remember their name) mix CD. It included the song Girl, Your Really Got Me Now by Van Halen. And away we go. After a little bit of puking due to the anesthetic I heard, "Are you ready? Here he comes."

My littlest boy was born. He came out screaming, peeing and perfect!

Wow what a day. I can't believe it's been 364 days since that early Friday morning.

Happy almost birthday!