Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thanks Linda!

Our family went down to the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area after Christmas this year. While we were down there our oldest came down with the stomach virus junk that's going around. Between his bouts with the flu and sleep we looked around Pigeon Forge.

He was feeling better and was hungry so before starting home we stopped at Pop's on the River in Sevierville for dinner. Growing up I loved going to Pop's Catfish Shack...great fish by the way. We had a GREAT dinner...catfish, frog legs, steak fries and even some dessert.

It seemed our little trooper was on the backside of the flu, or so we thought. He ate pretty well...then as we were getting ready to leave, got sick. With a little bit of chaos, I forgot that I had stuck the diaper bag under the table. (Complete with a bottle of expressed milk, our little one's teething toys, diapers, wipes, extra binkies and spare outfit AND the thermometer to check our oldest's temperature.

Off we went to the border of Kentucky...we decided to spend the night...when we unloaded the car I suddenly realized we'd left the bag. Jim graciously went out and got the things we needed (I had spare diapers and wipes in the suitcase) and we made it through until we got home.

From the hotel I called Pop's the next day. A kind lady named Linda answered the phone. She said she would send it back to us at no charge. What a lady! It took a little while to get the bag because New Year's was in there and Linda forgot it at the restaurant but we got the bag about a week ago...everything still in there.

Thank you Linda!! We really appreciate it!!

Anyone who's looking for a good order of catfish or frog legs...visit Pop's!! Pop's on the River is a neat location with WONDERFUL food.