Monday, January 15, 2007


Over these past few months but especially over this past week our community has had to face and seek to work in and through loss. Our congregation over these past couple of weeks has lost five members or former members. Most of these came as a surprise, but a few were unexpected.

Some in this community are still working through their loss with the release and publicity of We Are Marshall.

But this week loss was experienced in a different Wednesday night, a friend and I were heading to church for worship team rehearsal. I had to make a quick stop along the way and am so glad we did because I think we could've been parked right in the way.

As we drove toward the church, something looked really really bad...there was smoke billowing into the air and you could see a yellow glow. I nervously said, "Well maybe we won't rehearse tonight," thinking, " looks like it's coming from the church...but I'm sure it's not."

As we got closer and closer it became clear that it was in the very direction fo the church. I started to get more and more nervous...

As we got close to the church we saw that it was the building across the street. Talk about scarey. I couldn't believe the fire, the smoke, and all of he onlookers who had gathered. So many people were around...crowding around...and many of them were taking pictures...something that I think is kind of morbid. The fire kept flaming up then dying then flaming up again. Finally the firefighters got it out.

The good news is no one was hurt...the building is at least half way destroyed but no one was hurt.

Saturday there was another fire at an apartment building where a lot of Marshall students reside. The building from where we could see it on Sunday looks kinda normal, but this fire was extremely devistating. Nine people have been found dead so far and they are hoping that is all, but they can't be sure. One family lost 3 children...I can't imagine that. How sad.

Our prayers go out to those who have lost their loved ones, their place of employment, their belongings and their home.