Sunday, January 07, 2007

How Did They Know?

I had a funeral today and while we were riding out to the cemetery I had a very interesting and God filled conversation with one of our senior funeral directors. The gentleman has been in Huntington for quite some time...and was very instrumental when the Marshall plane crash occurred.

We were talking about the new movie and he, as so many others who lived through that time here in town, began to tell me stories about that fateful time. He talked about being called upon to coordinate the funeral directors especially for those persons who were from out of town. He told me how he was one of the main resource people for the movie to make sure they got the funeral scenes correct...they even provided the caskets. And he told me he was instrumental in the placement of the memorial site for those 6 individuals who could not be identified. He talked of a former pastor of our church who recently passed away who was instrumental in coordinating pastoral care for those in grief. And then he told me the following story...

Apparently, the six individuals who could not be identified were brought to his funeral home. The pastor from the church where I now serve was the dedicated pastor to meet with the families of these unidentifiable victims. There is a large room in the back of the funeral home...a viewing room...where they covered the three walls with two caskets each. The families came in one by one. Rev. Wallace took each family around the room...and they were allowed to view each casket for as long as they wanted. Then they would have prayer.

Each of the six families came in. Each of the six families were allowed to walk around the room. Each family was given a chance to say goodbye to their loved one as best as they could. Each family came in one by themselves to say goodbye.

After the families had gone through and traveled back home or wherever they were staying, Al and Bob began to talk. Al asked Bob if he had noticed anything unusual about the viewing that the families had done. Bob said he had noticed something, but wasn't sure if he had really noticed it or if it was in his head.

Both had noticed that as the families came into the room, each family went from casket to casket...and each family, as they did this, paused at one casket longer than at the other five...AND each family paused at a different casket longer than the other five. Six families came to say goodbye to someone they loved...each family stopped at a different casket.

Did they somehow know which one held the one they loved? Did they know something that modern medicine could not figure out? How did they know?

When Bob finished his story all I could say as goosebumps filled my arms was, "Wow...that is amazing...that is so God."