Thursday, August 24, 2006

Room in My Heart

Bringing Jonah home has been a wonderful and kinda scary thing. Will we remember what to do? How did we do this before? How will things go?

There were many questions in my mind as to the adjustment of one child to two would go. So far, it's been exciting to get Jonah home and continue to watch him grow. I read that many second time parents have questions like this when they bring their newborn home. One big question is will I be able to love this little guy as much as our first. I didn't really struggle with that because of the fact that I had felt so lucky to have this little life growing inside of me.

I began to think of what happens to our hearts when a new person, especially a child, comes into our lives. It seems like our hearts grow a size bigger each and every time that a new person comes into our lives that we care about.

Sometimes I have wondered how God has love for so many of us, who are his creation. God is ultimately our parent and is totally responsible for our creation. Perhaps our love as parents for our children or our love for those who are close to us is modeled after the love that God has for each of us. God's heart must continue to grow a size bigger each and every time a new person comes into the world. How cool is that?!

That's how the love of a parent for a child goes and grows. Thank you God, for continuing to teach me more and more about your love every day.