Thursday, August 03, 2006

Belly Bumps

As many of you know we have just over 2 weeks before the newest addition to our family is to arrive. We have been trying to get Jake to bond with him before he's born. We keep telling Jake that his little brother will recognize his voice and most likely smile at him first, which really makes Jake smile.

Jake has, off and on, been fascinated by the moving around in my belly. Sometimes he just stares as an arm or leg goes brushing past. At other times he says, "That's just weird mommy."

Last night was the coolest. I'm sitting in the recliner trying to cool off and relax and Jake wants to sit on my lap. He comes up by me then slides back down half on the floor half on me so that his head is on my belly. He begins to talk to my belly, "Hi little's me....Hi baby." To which this little guy begins to hit and/or kick. Jake began to giggle..."he's kicking me in the head mommy."

We keep doing this for a while, he talks and the baby kicks, "he's kicking me in the head, daddy." Jakes eyes just twinkled as he "played" with his baby brother. I so look forward to the time when they can really play and laugh.