Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Big Day at Our House

Today was a big day in our house. Our oldest son started his first full day of school today. He is excited for this new step in his life. Yesterday he only went for a few hours. It was so neat to see him so big and starting big school. But there was a part inside of me that ached to see him starting this next chapter. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. With the arrival of our newest child I have been thinking of the day we brought his brother home from the hospital. How small, fragile and innocent he was. Now he's going to school...meeting new friends and learning new things.

We also took the baby to the doctor for his first check up today. He has gained weight and continues to thrive. He's so small and fragile. I'm enjoying every minute of him...yes, and even trying to enjoy the early morning/late night feedings. I know how quick the time goes and I don't want to take a second of it for granted.

Wow what a big and wonderful day in our house.